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About Red Tower Entertainment

Founded in 2023 by performance marketing pioneer Jason Goldsmith and award winning filmmaker  D.M. Cunningham, Red Tower Entertainment is a next-generation genre production and content distribution company creating horror, sci-fi, comedy films and series. Whether you're looking for short films, movies, shorts, scary short stories or other types of original content, Red Tower Entertainment is the place to go for the best FREE entertainment.

Red Tower sets itself apart from other online streaming services with its focus on original content. Many of the short films and movies available on the platform are produced in-house, giving viewers access to unique and exclusive content that they won't find anywhere else. In addition to original content, Red Tower Entertainment also features a wide range of films and shorts, curated exclusively for Red Tower, from other independent filmmakers. This gives our audience access to a diverse selection of content, ranging from classic horror movies to more experimental and avant-garde films.

All of the content on the platform is available for FREE. Unlike other streaming services that require a subscription or charge rental fees, Red Tower is completely free to use. This makes it an excellent option for horror, sci-fi, and comedy-horror fans who are on a budget, are looking for something fresh and original, or who simply don't want to pay for access to content.

Red Tower Entertainment is a great platform for anyone who enjoys horror, sci-fi, and comedy films. With its focus on original content, diverse selection of films and shorts, and free access, Red Tower is a must-visit for any genre film fan looking for something new and exciting to watch. New and exclusive content is added daily!

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