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Red Tower is Proud to Present our Original

Scary Short Stories

Giant monstrous fish-like creature

A Great Catch

The Wrath of Blackwater's Depths

Blood moon over a creepy Victorian home

Blood Moon Ball

The Vampire Neighbors of Crescent Heights

Werewolf standing in water

Full Moon Voyage

The Beast Aboard the SS Persephone

Dark figures standing in a ominous hallway


A Journey Beyond Love and Dimensions

Step Monster

Step Monster

Unearthing the Heart of the Strigaria

Tall trees in the dark with headlights shining

Tall Dark Furry

A Game of Hunters and Monsters

The Artful Escape | A short Story from Red Tower Entertainment

The Artful Escape

A Brush With Destiny

Mr. X staring at the ruins of his once powerful Silicon Valley Bank

The Fall of Silicon Valley's Enigmatic Titan

The Shadow of Extraterrestrial Influence on Humanity's Technological Fate

The Forsaken Playground

The Forsaken Playground

A Tale of Darkness and Redemption in the Heart of New York City

UFO at Farm

The Harbinger of Metal

A Cautionary Tale of Time, Torment, and Technology

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